THESE TERMS OF USE OF THE SITE (TERMS AND CONDITIONS) WITH CHANGES AND ADDITIONS MADE TO THEM FROM TIME TO TIME are an offer addressed to an individual who has reached the appropriate age provided for by applicable international law and (or) has the necessary amount of legal capacity, as well as to a legal entity, represented by an authorized representative, who has the necessary amount of legal capacity to accept (conclude) these terms of use of the site (hereinafter - The User), aimed at concluding a user (license) agreement between the User and the Limited Liability Company "LightDoc" (registration number 1207700295373) (hereinafter - the LightDoc) in connection with the User's use of the services and functionality of the site hosted on the Internet at the address (with a domain name): (hereinafter referred to as the Website), as well as other Internet resources with related domain names (subdomains) and computer programs (applications) (hereinafter referred to as – Website/Services), the exclusive rights to which are fully owned by the LightDoc (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).


1.1The User, performing any (all) actions, including, but not limited to, using the functionality of the Site and simply staying on the Site, accepts these Terms of Use of the Site (Agreement) as provided by the Agreement, thereby unconditionally agreeing to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and the above-mentioned actions of the User are recognized as conclusive actions (actions indicating the User's will to conclude this Agreement), the presence of which is sufficient to make the acceptance of the offer (consent to the terms of use) the LightDoc and the conclusion of this Agreement for an indefinite (unlimited) period. In case of disagreement with the terms of the Agreement, the User has the right to stop using the Site without violating the provisions of the Agreement.

1.2 The LightDoc provides the User with the opportunity to use the Site and its functionality in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, as well as use the Site and Services in full, including, but not limited to, register, create a User account (if applicable), get acquainted with information, marketing and trading offers posted on the Site, as well as perform other actions provided for by the Site functionality that do not violate the rights of the LightDoc, the norms of applicable international legislation, as well as the integrity of the Site.

1.3 The LightDoc grants the User non-exclusive rights on the basis of a simple non-exclusive license to use the Site, Services and their functionality in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, for the period of use of the Site, throughout the world, via the Internet.

1.4 All information posted directly on the Website, including, but not limited to marketing companies, trade offers, is part of the Agreement.

1.5 The User's use any service provided by the LightDoc on the Site may be subject to special conditions applicable to this service. The LightDoc, if necessary, places such terms and conditions applicable to a particular service on the Site. In the event of any discrepancies between the special conditions applicable to a particular service and the conditions contained in the Agreement, the special conditions relating to a particular service, in relation to the provision of the relevant service, posted on the Site, shall prevail.

1.6 The LightDoc has the right to unilaterally, without prior notice to the User, make changes to this Agreement by posting a new version of the Agreement on the Website. The User undertakes to independently monitor the new versions of the Agreement. By continuing to use the Site and the Services, the User agrees to the new version of the Agreement.


2.1 The User undertakes to:

2.1.1 In case of registration, provide the LightDoc with reliable information about yourself;

2.1.2 When registering as a User in the personal account or filling out any forms on the Site, do not present yourself as someone else's name or act on someone else's behalf, do not use someone else's email or email to which the User does not have the appropriate right to use, do not post phone numbers, as well as photos (of the user and identity documents), the right to use which the User does not have, and also do not indicate false and (or) false data requested by the Site functionality;

2.1.3 Not to inform the LightDoc, as well as not to post deliberately false or false information about yourself and third parties;

2.1.4 At the request of the LightDoc, provide him with information for conducting user identification (verification) by means of a special check, photos of identity documents (passport) posted by the user on the website and a selfie photo of the user together with an identity document (passport).

2.1.5 Regularly and timely update the contact information in the User's account independently or by sending new contact information to the LightDoc or through the functionality of the Site;

2.1.6 At the request of the LightDoc, provide him with additional documentation confirming the identity of the User or his powers;

2.1.7 Not to post on the Website, in social networks, as well as on any other sources, not to use the personal data of other users of the Website for illegal and commercial purposes;

2.1.8 Not to use and refrain from using obscene language, information discrediting the business reputation of the LightDoc, as well as the honor and dignity/business reputation of the Site Users when forming a review about the LightDoc.

2.1.9 Not to distribute confidential information about the Copyright Holder and (or) other users of the Site;

2.1.10 In case of disputes and (or) claims of third parties regarding the ownership of the rights to the User's personal data, the User undertakes to resolve such disputes and (or) claims independently and at his own expense without involving the LightDoc;

2.1.11 Not to carry out actions using the Site that can be regarded as posting, distributing, saving, downloading and (or) destroying materials (information) in violation of the applicable international legislation;

2.1.12 Not to post and / or transmit advertising, as well as other information in the form of text, image, sound or program code through the Site, which may be illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory, knowingly false, rude, obscene, harm third parties in any way, as well as violate their rights and legitimate interests;

2.1.13 Not to change the source code of the Site, as well as not to introduce other (any/all) component elements into it, including executable code on the user's side (java script, visual basicscript, etc.), any embedded objects (java applets, flash, etc.), use frame and iframe, cascading style sheets that override and are used on the Site, as well as html code that violates the original design of the Site pages;

2.1.14 Not to destroy and / or modify any content on the Site that the User is not the author of;

2.1.15 When using the Site and using the Services, comply with applicable international legislation, as well as the rules established by the Agreement;

2.1.16 The User independently bears the risks of violating the applicable international legislation and by-laws.

2.2 The User has the right to:

2.2.1 Use the Site, Services, as well as their functionality and capabilities in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the Offer posted on the Site;

2.2.2 Contact the LightDoc for technical support and assistance by phone and (or) by e - mail, as well as using the functionality of the Site, if such functionality is provided.

2.3 Prohibition on sending automatic requests: the User has no right to send automatic requests of any kind to the Site without the express prior permission of the LightDoc. The direction of automatic requests includes, among other things:
- Use of any software that directs requests to the Site to determine how the website or web page ranks various requests;
- Meta-search; and
- Perform offline searches on any website owned by the LightDoc.


3.1 The LightDoc undertakes to provide the User with:

3.1.1 The opportunity to use the functionality of the LightDoc’s Website and Services;

3.1.2 Explanations regarding the use of the Site and Services, as well as the LightDoc services at the User's request.

3.2 The LightDoc has the right to:

3.2.1 Make any changes to the Website, Services, marketing and trading offers posted on the LightDoc’s Website and Services;

3.2.2 Unilaterally (without the User's consent) change the provisions of this Agreement, the User undertakes to monitor changes to this Agreement independently;

3.2.3 Introduce additional services, including paid ones;
3.2.4 Determine the structure of the content of the Site, the information contained on the Site, and the functionality of the Site;

3.2.5 Suspend access to the Site for carrying out preventive and routine maintenance on the Site (technological breaks), but not for more than 24 (twenty-four) hours;

3.2.6 At any time, at its sole discretion, without explanation, to restrict/suspend/terminate the User's access to the Site, Services and their functionality, in case of violation by the User of the provisions of this Agreement.

3.2.7 Delete or block the User's account if the latter violates any of the points listed in the Agreement. In case of detection or detection of illegal actions of the User, transfer information about the User to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

3.2.8 At any time, require the User to provide documents and information that allow confirming the information specified during registration, including unambiguously identifying the User's identity.


4.1 The LightDoc has the right to post information on the Website and Services about marketing offers, discounts, promotions, referral programs, as well as conditions for reducing the cost of services of the LightDoc and other persons whose goods or services are presented on the Website. Such conditions may be changed by the Light doc unilaterally. In case of changes in the terms of the discount, the Light doc informs the User by posting such information on the Website.

4.2 The conditions for granting discounts may be regulated, among other things, by other documents posted (published) the LightDoc on the Website.

5.1 Access to the Site, to all its components, as well as its functionality on the basis of a simple non-exclusive license is provided to the User free of charge.

5.2 The LightDoc reserves the right to charge additional fees for the use of additional functionality and services of the Site on the basis of the Offer posted on the Site.

5.3 Any prices posted on the Website are not a public offer and can be changed by The LightDoc at any time before they are paid by the User.

5.4 Other financial legal relations of the Parties are regulated by the Offer posted on the Website.


6.1. The process of processing personal data of individuals is regulated by the Personal Data Processing Policy posted on the Website.

6.2. The data and information about users-legal entities transmitted by the User at the time of registration and during their stay on the Site are recognized by the Parties as Confidential Information.

6.3. The information received from the User (legal entity) cannot be considered Confidential Information if the LightDoc can prove any of the following provisions:
- this information was publicly available at the time of its receipt from the User and his representatives for the purposes specified in the Agreement, or subsequently became publicly available, but not as a result of unauthorized disclosure by the LightDoc;
- the User has agreed in writing that the LightDoc may disclose this information to a third party without restrictions.

6.4. The User agrees to receive notifications from the LightDoc to the email address and mobile phone specified by the User at the time of registration, the User has the right to refuse to receive notifications at any time by sending a corresponding message to the following email address: or through the functionality of the Site.

6.5. Information about the fact of the User's use of the Site is not confidential and can be used by the LightDoc for advertising and marketing purposes, the User hereby gives his consent to indicate him as a client/the Site User.

6.6. In order to provide a better service, during your navigation of the Site, the LightDoc may collect personal data about Users and visitors, which is processed using electronic means. The personal data that may be collected is destined for use by the LightDoc to manage customers, users, and visitors, to allow them to benefit from the services offered on the Site and inform them about products and services.
Users and visitors to the Site are informed that information, cookies, may be temporarily saved on the hard disk of their computer in order to facilitate Site navigation. Users and visitors authorize these cookies. Cookies send data that is not used for identification but to record information relating to your navigation of the Site. They enable analysis to be made about visitors to the Site and about their visit, etc., in order to improve the quality of the Site. The settings from the Internet browsers are usually programmed by default to accept cookies, but Users and visitors can easily adjust it by changing the settings of your browser. However, if Users and visitors choose to disable the cookies on their browsers, they might not be able to benefit from all the functionalities offered by the LightDoc’s website.


7.1. The Site, the content of the Site, including any (all) intellectual rights to any (all) data, information, texts, graphic and sound images or video materials, photographs, designs, trademarks, trade names, URLs and / or Content that is part of the Site, contained on the Site or made publicly available through the Site (hereinafter referred to as – the "Content"), the Site Code, as well as all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, other means of individualization and other rights to all intellectual property and ownership rights to the above are the intellectual property of the LightDoc and belong to the LightDoc and / or its licensors or content providers and are protected by relevant domestic and international intellectual property laws, as well as the provisions of this Agreement.

7.2. Except as expressly permitted by the LightDoc in writing, it is prohibited to copy, reproduce, perform, transmit, sell, license, modify the Content, publicly display, integrate through cross-links or inserts, distribute or exploit all or part of the Content on any other website or in any other kind of networked computer environment, or by any means not known to date,

7.3. Any unauthorized use is a violation of the exclusive rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the LightDoc (or) its licensors and content providers, as well as a violation of the Agreement. Any violation of intellectual property law may result in sanctions provided for by applicable international law.

7.4. In case of violation of the provisions of paragraphs 7.2. and 7.3. of the Agreement, the LightDoc has the right to demand full compensation from the User, including lost profits.

7.5. The LightDoc responds to notifications of alleged violations of intellectual property rights and, after conducting an investigation, deletes the accounts of Users who commit repeated violations, and (or) blocks access to them, and (or) removes any materials that violate the rights.

7.6. The User hereby agrees and guarantees that all (any) the User’s Content posted by him on the Site or transmitted through the Site, if such placement / transmission is provided for by the functionality of the Site, as well as the use of the User Content posted by him does not violate and will not violate any rights, including any intellectual rights of third parties.

7.7. The content of the website, including trademarks and logos, general structure, software, texts, images, videos, sounds, know-how, animations, and generally the information published on the website is the property of the LightDoc or is subject to an authorization of use. Any representation, modification, reproduction, misrepresentation, total or partial, of all or part of this website or its content, whatever the process or medium used, is strictly prohibited.
Unauthorized use of materials from this Site may violate copyright, trademark and privacy laws.


8.1 Any unauthorized use by the User of the information posted on the Site, design elements, design of the Site and its individual parts is prohibited.

8.2 When authorized (legal) copying of the Site materials in newspapers, magazines and other non-electronic media, it is mandatory to indicate the English or Russian brand name of the LightDoc as follows: LightDoc LLC. When publishing (reposting) materials of the Site on the Internet must have an active link to the corresponding pages of the Site

8.3. The data available on is provided only for informational purposes. Although the LightDoc attempts to provide accurate information on the Site, the LightDoc assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
Users and visitors to the Site shall be responsible for conducting their own analysis of the information provided.


9.1 Using the Site and the Services means that the User understands and agrees to the following:

9.2 The right of access to the Site and Services is provided by the LightDoc solely for informational purposes. No Content posted on the LightDoc’s Website or on the social media page is intended to be used as professional recommendations of any kind. The LightDoc assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with any consequences arising directly or indirectly as a result of any actions or omissions on the part of the User based on information, goods or other materials that can be found on the Site or with its help.

9.3 The LightDoc makes no representations or guarantees that the Services, Website, databases or any Content, products/goods, services, information or other materials received by the User will:
(1) meet his needs;
(2) be provided smoothly, in a safe manner and without errors;
(3) the results obtained will be up-to-date, accurate, complete and reliable.

9.4 The LightDoc is not responsible for lost profits.

9.5 The User is fully responsible for the safety of his account, including independently bears all losses that may arise due to unauthorized use of his account.

9.6 The User is solely responsible for the information posted by him or on his behalf, and for the consequences of this posting. The User is responsible for the information posted in connection with the Agreement for public access or transmitted privately.

9.7 The LightDoc makes every possible effort to exclude irrelevant, false or incomplete information from the Site.

9.8 The LightDoc makes every effort to ensure the daily uninterrupted operation of the Site around the clock. The LightDoc cannot guarantee the availability of the Site due to the actions of administrators, operators, Internet providers or carrying out technical or routine work on the Site. The LightDoc is not responsible for any losses and / or damage resulting from the above-mentioned access problems and features of the maintenance of the Site.

9.9 The LightDoc does not guarantee that the software, servers and computer networks used by the Site are free from errors and computer viruses. If the use of the Site has caused the loss of data or damage to equipment, the LightDoc is not responsible for this.

9.10 The User undertakes to compensate the LightDoc for damages in connection with any claims, court cases, grounds for action, claims and other proceedings arising from or in connection with the following (hereinafter referred to as Claims):
(1) illegal use of the Site by the User, the inability to use the Site by other Users, arising from the actions of the User;
(2) any violation of the Agreement by the User or through any account belonging to the User;
(3) violation by the User of any rights of the Site visitor, Users or any other third party.


10.1 All disputes related to the conclusion, interpretation, execution and termination of the Agreement will be resolved by the Parties through negotiations.

10.2 In case of failure to reach an agreement during negotiations, the interested Party sends a claim in writing, signed by an authorized person. The claim must be sent using means of communication that ensure the recording of its sending and receiving (by a valuable letter with an inventory of the attachment, by telegraph, by e-mail with a scanned and signed claim and attached scanned copies of the inventory of the attachment in a valuable letter and a receipt for sending with confirmation from the other party about the receipt of the claim in electronic form, etc.), or handed to the other Party against a receipt.

10.3 The claim must be accompanied by documents substantiating the claims submitted by the interested Party (if the other Party does not have them), and original documents confirming the authority of the person who signed the claim. These documents are submitted in the form of duly certified copies. A claim sent without documents confirming the authority of the person who signed it is considered undeclared and is not subject to consideration.

10.4 The Party to whom the claim is sent is obliged to review the received claim and notify the interested Party about the results in writing, similar to the one for sending the claim, within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the claim.

10.5 In case of non-settlement of disputes in the claim procedure, as well as in case of non-receipt of a response to the claim within the period specified in clause 10.4 of the Agreement, If it is impossible for the Parties to settle the differences that have arisen through negotiations, any dispute, controversy, difference or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, including the existence, validity, interpretation, performance, breach or termination thereof or any dispute regarding non- contractual obligations arising out of or relating to it shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration administered by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) under the HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules in force when the Notice of Arbitration is submitted.
The law of this arbitration clause shall be English law.
The seat of arbitration shall be Moscow.
The number of arbitrators shall be three. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in English.


11.1 The LightDoc has the right to assign or transfer the Agreement, as well as any, including all, rights, benefits or obligations under it to any third party or persons, provided that in such case the User will have the right to terminate the Agreement. The User does not have the right to transfer his rights and obligations under the Agreement to a third party.

11.2.If a court decision invalidates any provision of the Agreement, the User agrees that such provision will be considered replaced by another provision that implements the original intentions of the parties (to the extent permitted by law). If one of the provisions of the Agreement becomes invalid due to changes in applicable international legislation, this is not a reason for suspending the remaining provisions. The invalid provision must be replaced by a provision that is legally permissible and close in meaning to the replaced one. The invalidity of one or more provisions of the Agreement does not entail the invalidity of the entire Agreement or its other provisions.

11.3. These Terms and Conditions apply in conjunction with the terms of the Offer on the terms of supplementing each other.